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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Power of Spanx

Hello my fierce my ladies of the world! With today being the first day of Spring I wanted to touch on a powerful topic that can help you til you get to your destined summer body. SPANX! Now this undergarment has long been a staple that Hollywood has sworn by on a daily base and I want all of you ladies to jump on that same bandwagon. Weather you are on your quest to reach your desired weight a la Jennifer Hudson or your already there and just need a lil suction in a certain area,these things are a God send! Spanx as a brand has capitalized on knowing were we as women may have insecurities and have Spanx for any and every place on the body! Me personal, I am fond of the Super High Power Spanx that is a high waist style that extends up to your bra strap and down the thigh. It eliminates all bulges and love handles and yeah the best part... no VPL(visible panty line)! That's shouting news right there!

The next type I want to address is the Open Bust Cami. This is for those who's insecurity is limited to the mid section and the devil driven "back fat". This particular one allows you to still wear whatever bra you choose,leaving that area totally open while sucking in everything else from the waist up. A very good choice when wearing a clingy top or a thin t-shirt where you stomach or back would be especially focused on. A good day to day choice who want to walk a little taller and not worry about that awful muffin top.

Lastly, lets explore the benefits of the Spanx Cognitio Bodysuit. This one is a favorite amongst my friends and is a sure fire option when wearing that clingy "Freakem Dress". Trust me, I know! lol This is kinda like the High Power Spanx that we initially addressed but this one has a built in panty so no need to go with additional under ware, except a bra of course. This one is particularly cool because it has a hook in the front that prevent the garment from rolling down during the course of the night. That will bless you more than you know!

So I touched on only three of my favorite Spanx but they have TONS of different styles from full slips,half slips,full body styles, bras, and much more! Weather your at your desired weight or almost there, these things will help you out in a major way,believe me! Check out your local department store or online at for your perfect fit.

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