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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Are You Beating the Heat?

Now we are in the dead of Summer with record highs and down right unsafe temps. It weather like this that makes you forget about looking cute and focus on staying cool. But you can do both ya know! From the bottom up, start off with a nice,flat gladiator sandal or a comfy wedge. Second, from the bottom,go for a linen or silk shorts. If your where I am, even denim is too hot. Another nice alternative is the every popular maxi dress and they now have maxi skirts that are good too. If going for the skirt look,top with a light colored tank and your ready! Lastly,for top alternatives, opt for a tanks,halters and deep v-necks. To make these looks pop,go for various sequins colors. These are easy and make any outfit look a little more fierce and its not too heavy either.
However you stay cool out here,just make sure beauty radiates from the inside out.Make it where others are not only blinded by the sun,but your confidence!! Stay Fierce!

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