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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Evolution of Janet Jackson

Over the years very few have had the longevity that Ms. Jackson has been able to maintain. Coming from a super star family and having the great MJ as your brother,it would be easy to get lost in it all. But she did anything but. She defied her parents at a young age and married her boyfriend secretly. She proclaimed that she was in Control in a one woman video that I learned the coreography to as a child. And as an adult she took the brunt of the now infamous Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction". Through it all she has kept her composure in the face adversity and nay sayers.
Like us all she has had her battles with weight,but when your a Jackson,its put on front street for the world to see. She however, keeps the haters talking by not only dropping every single pound every time but, she makes you wish you were her. Now at the ripe age of 45, she is still putting 90% of the 20 somethings to straight shame! I found some pics that really embody her evoloution over these past 20 something years in the game. Not always picture ready but,still a legend that can never be left out of talks of one of the best! Hands Down! Here is Ms. Jackson...if your nasty!

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