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Friday, March 19, 2010

Lip Gloss Stains

So recently I was at an awards show and while freshening up my makeup I got lip gloss on my sating dress! Disastrous I know! Well I thought that I would scrub for dear life once back at the hotel room but to no avail did the stain come out. Now near having a conniption, I took to the all knowing Internet to see how to get this stain out of this FAB dress that I had only worn once. To my surprise this was a common issue that many people are faced with which is why its my topic today. Now unanimously,everyone said to used dish washing liquid and the stain would come out. Makes perfect sense since it is a de-greaser and that's what the stain essentially is right,grease? Well I layered paper towels under the stain,dampened it a bit,put the dish washing liquid on it and scrubbed for dear life on both sides of the garment. Then I hand washed it in cold water so that the spot wouldn't stand out. I let it line dry and the next morning,IT WAS GONE!! Now I may be a little more enthusiastic about than most but I had all but written off this dress that I thought was gonna take me through the summer. I think this is helpful info that should be shared because without knowing this,its assumed that your garment is ruined. You can thank me later! Chaio!!

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