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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to Flatter Your Figure and Remain Fab

Whats up people, glad your sticking with me. So this time, we are going to get into how to look slimmer with just a few easy adjustments to your wardrobe. With the average woman in the country being a size 12, I feel this can help a lot of "real" woman, and not the picture of women we see on TV and red carpets. These few adjustments probably never crossed your mind as adding pounds to your figure,that is why I'm here.
As a rule of thumb for curvy women your goal should be to define your waist and elongate your figure,not mask it. Generally you want to look for clothes that fall smoothly over your curves and pieces that are nipped at the waist and shirts that have darts at the waist. A common misconception is that baggy clothes cover up the problems but really,it just adds pounds,so steer away from too loose clothing. Lets get into how to wear...

Most of us probably feel there is no swaying you from your favorite pair of jeans and feel that if we cant do anything right,we know about our jeans. I'm not here to steal you happiness, I'm just gonna hit you with some rule of thumbs for curvy women. Please avoid super low rise jeans that you can bend over in. Showing your thing is NEVER gonna be hot. Also go for darker colors, lighter colors with the whisk in the front on your hips and, jeans with heavy embellishments on the pockets only draw attention to parts that you want to flatter. You will find yourself most comfortable in a boot cut jean with minimal detailing. Skinny or straight leg jeans isn't something that I'm totally against for plus size woman but don't think you can wear them like the skinny girls. Pair your skinny jeans with a long or cardigan or v-neck sweater that covers your junk with a ankle boot is the safest way to pull this look.

Since we are November,this is a relevant topic as you pull out your sweaters from last year. Busty women (myself included) should not wear turtlenecks as it draws the eye to your bust because there is no skin to distract. Alternatively,always aim for v-necks,cowl necks or scoop necks that minimize. Also if you wear big hoop or decorative earring it draws the eye up and away. Chunky sweaters can add weight to your figure especially if you wear a wide belt over it. If going chunky, go for the above cuts I just mentioned. If your into belts which is a hot little punch, go for a thin belt which actually slims you especially if its the same color as your sweater.
If you have that extra weight in your arms that drives you crazy,three quarter length tops and dolmen sleeve tops are excellent choices to flatter that problem.

The wrap dress that was created and made famous by Diane Von Furstenburg is a MUST full figured women should have. If you don't have one, go get one tomorrow! The jersey knit is the most forgiving of them all and does not wrinkle,really it just doesn't happen with that fabric! The wrapping around the middle makes it comfortable and fashionable with draping being a hot trend right now. The A-Line dress is also great for full figures. The cinching at the waist and flaring out,hides wide hips and thighs. Follow this look through with a natural color pump that adds length to your legs and makes you appear taller. Keep the neckline open as well, as the combination of a little cleave at the top and the leg showing from the knee down draws the eyes toward your skin,not to what your covering. Again a thin belt over it,draws the eye toward your natural waistline and not wide hips or thighs.

Who knew shoes contributed to added pounds to your figure? Well it can. Pointed shoes as well as dark colored shoes narrow your foot,so this is a good option if you have "pig feet". Also if you are one of those shapes that big up top with skinny legs,don't wear mid calf shoes,its not proportioned correctly. Try either a ankle boot or go all the way up with a knee boot. When wearing ankle boots with a dress or skirt,wear the same color tights to elongate your legs and solidify your look. You want a consistent look,not choppy and broken up. You'll look taller and slimmer! Also,if you own knee boots that gap,that's a violation. Get a knee boot in a sturdy material that doesn't slouch. Another rule of thumb is if you are wearing animal print shoes,don't wear everything else in that same print. One piece at a time is just right. The illusion of an animal print from head to toe can actually make you look like that animal!

This is one of the most neglected pieces of your wardrobe. People get so caught up in whats up under the coat that you don't consider that it is the first thing people see when they see you. Its a very important piece that should be invested in wisely according to your figure and not just whats cozy and warm.You can be warm and fabulous at the same time. First off, full figured women shouldn't wear shoulder pads that add bulk that's not really needed. I mean, who really says"my shoulders are cold in this coat"? Also you want a coat that like your clothes,cinches your waist and falls right at your knee,at the longest. Any longer and makes you look frumpy and if your petite,it makes you look a lot smaller than you already are. Look for straight or belted styles that bring the eye inward. Try to get away from double breasted styles and ones with busy pockets on the bust line. As far as color choices,red is flaming and it adds punch to an otherwise muted outfit. Be sure if you wear a "crayola" colored coat that your doing it to add punch, not to be so matchy matchy. Puffy bombers that come right around your waist,floor lenght coats,busy patterns,(unless its small like tweed) should be avoided for full figured woman. It honestly doesn't help flatter.

This is another that doesn't get much thought for your figure when you make the purchase. The great thing about purses now is that,what is hot right now is exactly what a full figured woman needs. You probably didn't know that round bags don't work for round woman. You don't want anything adding to your round-ness. Look for rectangular and more square shapes. Opt for the structured bag like a satchel with double handles that's to be clutched in your hand or,one that is to fall right in the bend of your elbow. A big hobo bag that you throw over your shoulder if you think about it,adds pounds to your whole silhouette. Now I know that the hobo bag is a God-send for busy women who carry lots of things and don't have time to be all dainty while juggling kids,books and whatever else you got going. But the next time your purse shopping,look in the mirror from all angles at yourself with this over sized bag,and if your petite, forget about it! YOU should be carrying the bag,not the bag carrying you!

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